Hi, my name’s Sharon and these are just a few of my websites. I don’t list all the ones I have, since there’s no need to post about ones that are just for other phone sex operators, or other ones I have I like to keep a bit quiet about. These are just my more popular ones that I’m open about, but I have a few dozen in total.

I’ve been in adult entertainment since 2008. I started as a phone sex operator and quickly got into making erotic recordings and then writing for adult websites. I write for phone sex companies, other operators, sex toy sites, my own sites and have written for porn sites and adult classified sites for escorts.

I very much enjoy doing recordings and voice over work, that is my favorite way to earn money. I started off doing professional phone sex, then expanded into personal phone sex, they are very different, and I found I loved personal phone sex so much, I wanted to have a site made for ones to easily find online masturbation partners on, so I created ClimaxConnection.

I like to keep in touch with my fans that have been very nice and complimentary and emailed me about how much they enjoyed my audios and stories I have written. Feel free to email me anytime with questions.

Take care and keep masturbating!


[email protected]